So... you've probably figured out by now that I get kind of obsessed with things. Here's the story of me being so obsessed about Taco Bell on Instagram that I got hired to work with them...

Taco Bell sent me a burner phone.

They texted and called me to send me on missions.

It made me happy.

...but Taco Bell Breakfast was still out of reach.

I knew I needed to get my hands on a waffle taco of my own.

I was kind of excited for breakfast to launch.

Really, REALLY excited.

And, I must say, the waffle taco lived up to my crazy hype.

My social media craziness got me some pretty cool swag.

And even landed a super awesome internship at DigitasLBi.

Thank you Taco Bell for making my dreams come true. 

<3 you bae.